A selection of 8ft and 9ft bespoke luxury American pool tables. Competition standard. Also perfect for dining, or for the boardroom.


We work with your designers to fulfil your wildest imaginations

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The Aero American Pool Table

Aero: Stylish solid steel base with an airy feel




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The Break American Pool Table

Dynamically designed as a tournament table




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The Manhattan American Pool Table

Slim legs optimise seating



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Sectional dining tops

Wide choice of glass or wood table tops to complement your table


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from £7950

from £7950

from £7950

Special Design
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American pool tables by Breton Billiards

Billards Bréton is Europe's oldest billiard table manufacturer, established since 1852. They define themselves as the guardian of a traditional legacy of French craftsmanship, yet one of the most avant-garde companies in terms of playing precision and design.

They make billiard tables for all games including American Pool.

The company has collaborated on bespoke projects across the globe: United Kingdom, USA, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Morocco,  United Arab Emirates and South Korea.

8ft and 9ft American Pool Tables

We have selected our special quartet of American pool tables because they offer perhaps the most imagination for those seeking a quality competition standard game, with the best in modern design and style.

American pool dining tables and boardroom tables

Our selection also offers the option of various styles of removable section dining tops to maximise seating for up to 16 persons providing for convivial extended dining, or for formal boardroom meetings.

American Pool Tables on display in our Paris Showroom

See our selection of American pool tables featured on these pages together with our the full range of billiards tables at our Paris showroom.

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