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8ft pool dining table in oak and steel

The Winchester Diners Collection

8ft pool tables for the dining room or the boardroom in various styles


7ft pedestal pool dining table in white

Barton Diners Collection

5ft, 6ft, 7ft versatile pool dining tables for modern living



We present an extensive double collection of bespoke pool diner tables designed and perfected by Alan Phillips of Hull, in collaboration with Martin Rabbets of Bournemouth. We offer ideas for your to consider - or to adapt - in order to help your create your ideal billiards table to best fit and match your own space and decor. In essence, any billiards game, in any size, and in any style, all made to give you a piece of quality furniture to play serious billiards at all competition levels

Main features on pool dining tables

● designed in made in the UK
● delivered and installed by us
● choice of all ball capture systems
● 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and 9ft table sizes
● option of English pool, American pool, snooker size slates
● oak, mahogany, ash, beech, cherry, or walnut selected woods
● unlimited options on colour of finish
● option of resin-bonded play-bed for table manoeuvrability
● choice of matching or contrasting diner tops
● pockets and cushions set according to ball size

comparisons on ball sizes

● Napped or speed cloth cloth in all colours from all makers


General points on ordering a pool diner

Alan Phillips has been making billiard tables for over 30 years. For the keen enthusiast he is able to make a pool diner for domestic or business use with the same precision as a tournament-quality full size snooker table, applied to play all modern billiard games.

The most popular family pool dining table sizes are 6ft and 7ft which will normally comply with English competition (pub-style) play characteristics, using a 2 inch pool ball. This size of ball can also be supplied to play 10-reds snooker offering a wider choice of game.

8ft tables can be made to satisfy the separate competition standards of the 3 disciplines of English pool, American pool or Snooker.

When creating a pool diner of any size we take into the consideration your preferred seating requirements, particularly on the optional table height and on the width and positioning of the table legs or table support.

We do not take orders on line. We normally engage in email conversations to ensure we give best advice before orders are placed.

In the first instance email us at:

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