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Pine is plentiful, sustainable and perfect for colour and protective finishes


There are over 42 pages within this PINE-POOL-TABLES parent folder, each presenting images and information on the range and type of pool dining tables, kitchen pool tables and and outdoor pool tables on offer.

Although traditional billiard table are made from polished hardwoods, with the growing popularity of "integrated living" solid pine offers a more practical option for decor matching 

The main pages show extra large images of tables uniquely designed and built by us. Many show additional images with optional diner tops or covers. All designs are original, all in solid pine (natural or painted), and all made-to-order after thorough consultation with the client. Although for convenience we separate our presentations into:

Pool Dining Tables :

A pool table designed to be used also a dining table. It requires a removable top in one, two or three sections according to the size of the pool table and the preference for lifting. The base of the table, unlike a traditional pub-type table, must allow for leg room. We feature 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft pool table sizes and can accommodate English pool, American pool or snooker, all differentiated primarily by ball size.

Kitchen pool tables

We have created  a separate category specifically for pool tables that are designed for modern kitchens, focussing on smaller tables and those that are more appropriate for colour matching.

Outdoor pool tables

All our tables made from solid pine can be easily adapted for outdoor use. We use protective paints and varnishes, with weather resistant cloths and table fittings. Tables that are used outdoors should be accompanied by a fitted tarpaulin when not in use.   


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Pine Pool Tables: Dining  (22 pages)

33 Pine-pool-tables/dining/default Outdoor pool table | 7ft | pine | slate bed
33b Pine-pool-tables/dining/5ft-blue-outdoor awaiting text
33c Pine-pool-tables/dining/7ft-outdoor-black-wide-leg awaiting text
33d Pine-pool-tables/dining/pine-7ft-new awaiting text
34 Pine-pool-tables/dining/green-table-straight-legs-player 5ft pool table | all-weather | wood bed
35 Pine-pool-tables/dining/black-pool-table Pool table | pine | 6ft | turned leg
36 Pine-pool-tables/dining/blue-pool-diner-table 6ft pool table | outdoor | blue | diner
37 Pine-pool-tables/dining/blue-pool-table 6ft pool table | outdoor | blue pine
39 Pine-pool-tables/dining/white-pool-diner-table 6ft | pool table | turned legs | chairs
40 Pine-pool-tables/dining/white-pool-table 6ft pool table | pine | white | farmhouse legs
42 Pine-pool-tables/dining/green-table-straight-legs 7ft | outdoor pool tables | green pine | slate bed
43 Pine-pool-tables/dining/diner_table_straight_leg-2 7ft | Pool tables | outdoor | pine | garden
44 Pine-pool-tables/dining/pool_diner_table_straight_leg pool table | outdoor | 7ft | slate bed
 44a Pine-pool-tables/dining/pool_table_straight_black_leg awaiting text
 44b Pine-pool-tables/dining/pool_table_black_pine_and_top awaiting text
45 Pine-pool-tables/dining/pool_table_straight_leg_indoor outdoor pool table | pine | 7ft | diner top
46 Pine-pool-tables/dining/pool_table_straight_leg_indoor2 Pool tables | all-weather | 7ft | dining top
47 Pine-pool-tables/dining/dining/pool_table_turned_leg pool tables | outdoor | 7ft | turned legs
48 Pine-pool-tables/dining/white-wide-legs 7ft | pool table | white pine | kitchen
49 Pine-pool-tables/dining/white-outdoor awaiting text
75 Pine-pool-tables/dining/6ft-turned-leg Pool tables | outdoor | 6ft | turned leg

Pine pool tables:Kitchen (6 pages)

49 Pine-pool-tables/kitchen/default awaiting text

Pine pool tables: outdoor (6 pages)

56 Pine-pool-tables/outdoor awaiting text


Pine pool table gallery (1 page)

64 Pine-pool-tables/gallery-images awaiting text


65 Pine pool table photo (1 page)

66 Pine-pool-tables/photo Pine pool tables | thumbnail images

Pine pool tables miscellaneous (3 pages)

67 Pine-pool-tables/green pine_enlarged 5ft | pool table | all-weather
68 Pine-pool-tables/green pine-enlarged2 5ft | all-weather | pine | pool table
76 Pine-pool-tables/proposal/7ft  

Pine-pool-tables/back-up-pics-pine-collection (1 page)


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