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Outdoor images shown for display purposes only. This style of table for would be for indoor use only. Plays as an 8ft table. Can seat up to 8.

Square pool table with diner top

  a 4ft square pool table with balls in play

 4ft square pool dining table seats 8

Can be made with various styles of metal legs

4.5ft square pool table with balls set in position

Perfect for serious practice. Pool or snooker option

4ft square pool table with alternative leg positioning

Legs can be positioned diagonal to the square (option).


A square pool dining table with four pockets, and shown here as a 4ft model with end-dimensions equivalent to an 8ft table. Ideal for serious practice. 

 Frame perfectly squared + bolted fixings

Machined square slates or wood composition beds.

Shim levelled base


square pool logo
Pool diner tables are made on a bespoke basis


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