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Site visitors please first refer to our Important Announcement

This notice explains why the Matchbilliards Cooperative is not currently accepting commissions for bespoke tables. And why we are unable to realistically estimate for possible future work.

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 This is an historic site of table images in sizes from 4.5ft to 8ft. These are not stock items. Images shown within this website are either examples of past bespoke commissions, or of working prototypes created for illustration purposes only.

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If planning a made-to-order billiard table project first go to:


Examples of past work created for those with restricted space


Classic white pool diner table Oak and pine pool dining table

wide base kitchen pool table wide base black pool table

5ft pool table with turned legs 5ft pool table with chunky legs

hairpine leg pool table 4ft square pool dining table with metal legs

blue 5ft pool table white pool table with leathers

white pool table with drop pockets 5ft oak pool table

Set of grey chairs and dining table

A Bar Billiards table for home use





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Matchbilliards is an informal cooperative to showcase the skills of 3 small companies who each have over 25 years experience in the UK billiards and in the domestic dining table industry. These independent businesses are:

Martin Rabbets of Snooker and Pool Services of Bournemouth. See Martin's own current website at: https://www.snookerandpoolservices.co.uk

Mike Large of Reading (originator of "Trilliards" Bar Billiards) who has an historic site at:

Peter Chant of the Oak and Pine Barn of Winchester (Fine furniture makers). See Peter Chant's own current website at: http://www.theoakandpinebarn.co.uk

We also collaborate with Paul Brown of Stoaked Ltd of Newton Abbott (steel leg fabricators) when combining modern metal legs with billiard tables. See Pauls own website at: https://www.stoaked.co.uk

This Matchbilliards website offers a joint administrative support, so that we best cooperate to fulfil your billiard table project. Ordinarily we only undertake commissions for made-to-order pool dining tables in Hampshire and the surrounding counties.

We do not sell online. We do not carry stock. Our aim is to open a communication line, primarily be email, so that we best respond to your enquiries following a meticulous stage-sequence that enables you to drive your own desired outcome.


Each billiard table project can be completed by a personal delivery and installation (and maintained) by a table maker working within the informal cooperative. For this, geographical location has to considered and factored in.

We would plan all aspects including parking access and room entry. We would also need to be satisfied in advance that the finished billiard table will fit your pre-planned space. We provide expert table levelling on site. Table cloth marked out according to game preference.  We would charge against labour time and travelling costs. This will vary according to where the table might be made and finished (primarily either in Bournemouth, or Winchester). We never rely on third party carriers or installers. Although if practical we can allow for your own self-collection, and for your own installation arrangements to be made with an independent billiard table fitter within your own locality.



Matchbilliards operates under the core principle of Ex-Works. Put in simple terms for a small business, it means that a price quotation is given for the making up and completion of a bespoke billiard table so that it is "ready to go". Because we operate as an informal cooperative spread geographically, and because different styles of billiard tables require differing component parts and labour capacity, the actual location of the finished table can be in any of 2 main locations either in Bournemouth or Winchester. This "ready to go" principle then allows the customer to inspect and approve the finished table. And then, either to arrange self-collection or arrange for a third party to collect and install the table. Or for us to quote a separate price for a personal delivery and installation by us according to which geographical location. That price will be determined by time and distance and our associated labour costs, and any peculiar nature of the property. All such issues are first resolved to mutual satisfaction before any sale agreement is made and entered into.



 Please note this is an historic site. We are no longer arranging commissions for made to order pool tables.

Our Policies: Privacy and Cookies

This website promotes bespoke pool tables made through the collaboration of small independent UK businesses. We will present informative product information on billiard dining tables and other billiard tables, in a non-intrusive  manner, and in a way that conforms to UK statutory regulations.

Our aim is to best facilitate sales information that is peculiar to the complexities associated with a bespoke made-to-order service. We will rely - initially and primarily - on email interactions.

We will not accept payments directly through this website nor will we operate a shopping basket system. Specifically, we will not incorporate customer log-ins, nor will we allow 3rd-party advertising within any of our pages. Therefore we do not anticipate Internet privacy issues concerning financial data or of general intrusion.

Nor is there any wider issue over the use of Cookies. Indeed we do not knowingly place cookies. We may, on rare occasions, rely on the Google Adwords system to encourage visitors to our site.

We will only collect customer details from these pages in response to customer-originated enquiries emanating from emails.

For this we will observe our obligations under the UK Data Protection Act. We will not release customer information to third parties other than that is necessary in the fulfilment of customer orders. End of policy notice.



Important Announcement on the Matchbilliards Cooperative.

Because of national and regional uncertainties - and the variable health impact on our small business working cooperative - we do not have the current capacity to formally accept, agree and schedule commissions for made-to-order pool tables at this time. And because we rely on an external supply chain for key component parts (over which we have no direct control) we are currently unable to realistically provide detailed pricing estimates on possible future work.

However, the Matchbilliards website still offers ideas and advice for those planning a future purchase of a bespoke billiard table. This service is still available.

(Posted on behalf of the Matchbilliards small business working cooperative).

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