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New design for 5ft & 4.5ft pool diners

5ft pool dining table with cross legs

5ft oak and steel pool table


end section of 5ft pool table

5ft play bed (means 5.5ft x 3ft table)


5ft pool table seats up to 8
front of 8 seater pool table

Unique cross-leg design allows seating for 8


5ft pool table setting for 6

........and perfect seating for 6

    Bespoke pool diner top

+ bespoke dining top to match your decor



Shows table style being made for a 4.5ft size table

 Fitting criss-cross-legs
Shows design being adapted for 4.5ft billiard table


layout of criss-cross-legs
shows precise positioning to spread load


samplle layout of 4.5ft pool table
4.5ft special edition pool table

4.5ft pool table featured outdoors

4.5ft pool dining table to take 6 chairs

 4.5ft pool table seats 6 with comfort




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